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Mike Sonko vows to bail out women who ‘eat fare’

Mike Sonko has sensationally claimed more than 5000 women have eaten his ‘fare’.

Eating fare in the Kenyan context is the act of a woman receiving money from a man in exchange for love.

In most cases the man sends the woman bus fare but then the woman fails to show up at the agreed location.

Sonko, a flamboyant businessman and controversial politician who boasts a huge following on social media, has also encouraged women to continue ‘eating fare’ and if they get in legal trouble he will bail them out.

“I did not know that you can sue a woman for eating your fare and have your cash refunded with interest,” Sonko, a father and grandfather, wrote on social media.

“If this happened during my youthful days I would have sued 5000 women. I’m now wondering how men expect women to survive. I’m supporting women on this one. Eat the fare. If you are arrested I will bail you out.”

The former legislator was referring to an incident where a Nairobi court ruled that a woman must pay her boyfriend Sh23,750 after he sent him Sh3,000 to pay for a taxi to attend the man’s birthday party but the lady did not show up and instead switched off her phone.

The man is reported to have filed the claims in court alongside evidence of payments via Mobile money and Whatsapp chats.

The lady was ordered to refund the man Sh3,000 plus interest of Sh750 and a further Sh20,000 in damages for the emotional anguish he went through.

The lady has been detained awaiting payment of the damages by her family.

Sonko was recently barred from contesting for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat after the Supreme Court upheld his impeachment as Nairobi governor.