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Mike Sonko’s cryptic apology to Michelle Ntalami

Instagram influencer Michelle Ntalami has been vocal in talking about her relationship with the slain high fashion designer Edwin Kiptoo alias Chiloba who is also an LGBTQ+ member and activist.

Ntalami also identifies as a member of the queer community. Since the discovery of his death, Ntalami has been spending the bulk of her Instagram stories telling of her friendship and love with Edwin Chiloba, and in some posts, others misconstrued the nature of their relationship. One such person was controversial politician Mike Sonko .

According to a prior Nairobi News report, Sonko claimed that Ntalami, a female who identifies as androsexual, had been in a relationship with the late Chiloba and had shared a hot love. This post did not go down well with Ntalami who responded to Sonko, asking him to use his platform well and stop propagating lies.

With all due respect sir, please write/speak only the things you are certain of. The late @its_edwinchiloba and I were friends. If you understood the dynamics, you would know a feminine woman like me would be the last person he’d be attracted to. This is a sensitive matter. Stop propagating lies, let the DCI do their job, and let’s let Edwin rest. I’ve always held you in high regard, I believe you are above this. Asante,” Ntalami responded.

Later, Mike Sonko would change tune and console Ntalami after she returned to her Instagram stories to rant about people who lied to gain clout. Ntalami said she would never stop telling the truth in a cruel world because people did not care whether one spoke up for themselves or not. They would always have their own opinions. She also said one’s silence is their own betrayal in the event people misconstrued facts and would later accuse someone of being guilty in such instances.

“So as for me? No way will I ever let someone else get away with a false narrative of me on issues close to my heart, like the loss of a friend’s life. If I know the truth, I will always speak up. No matter what it takes or what anyone thinks about it. The other party is always free to present their rebuttal! So if you know your M.O (modus operandi) is lies and doing people dirty, just stay away from me because if you push me to the wall, I will out you,” added Ntalami on January 13, 2023.

She went on to thank those who had stood by her in the Chiloba issue and saw through the mess taking place on social media, saying, “it is sad that such a genuine and heartfelt tribute can be sexualized for clout.” Following this riot act rant, Mike Sonko later responded to Ntalami, seemingly humbling himself and even consoling her for her friend’s death.

“Asante sana Michelle for the respect you accord me and I assure you that I fully understand the dynamics in this situation. So pole for losing a dear friend who adored you. I stand with Chiloba’s family and friends during this difficult moment even as we wait for justice to be done over his death. May his soul rest in peace,” Sonko responded.

Michelle Ntalami later thanked Sonko for his words as she called on everyone to let the matter rest, and above all, let Edwin Chiloba rest.

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