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Mike Sonko’s flamboyant fashion statement at Kamba tycoon’s party

Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, made a bold fashion statement at the installation ceremony of Dubai-based billionaire Dr Augustus Kyalo Muli as Kamba leader in Kalundu, Kitui County.

Sonko, known for his flamboyant style, turned heads by donning a pair of sneakers worth Sh 130,000, paired with a denim suit, a red designer t-shirt, and a black Marvin.

 Amiri designer sneakers.
Mike Sonko shows up decked out in Amiri designer sneakers. PHOTO| COURTESY

The event, which drew hundreds of people from the Kamba community, marked the formal appointment of Kyalo as the leader of the Anzauni Clan, operating under the patronage of the Akamba Clan Governing Council of elders on Saturday, February 10.

Kyalo’s leadership is set to influence a wide array of issues in national politics, economic activities, heritage, and cultural affairs within the Kamba community, which boasts over 400,000 members spread across various counties in Kenya and Tanzania.

Among the notable attendees at the elaborate traditional crowning ceremony were comedian MCA Tricky and CS Peninnah Malonza.

Comedian MCA Tricky with Augustus Muli Kyalo
Comedian MCA Tricky with Augustus Muli Kyalo who was installed as a Kamba leader on Saturday, February 10. PHOTO| COURTESY

Kyalo’s installation signals a significant development within the Kamba community, as he assumes a pivotal role in guiding and shaping the community’s future trajectory.

The ceremony comes amid calls from Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka for the Kamba community to assert themselves politically and increase their chances of capturing the presidency in the future.

Kalonzo urged his fellow Kambas to emulate the resilience of other communities and actively confront the challenges facing them.

“If you developed a spine, the whole nation would take notice. Winning the presidency will take more than pressuring Raila to declare his support for Kalonzo. These things are never given. They are grabbed,” Kalonzo emphasized during a previous address in April 2023.

Kalonzo’s remarks underscored the need for the Kamba community to assert themselves politically and actively participate in national affairs, shedding light on what he perceived as a lack of assertiveness during recent demonstrations against the government.

As Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli assumes his role as the Kamba leader, his leadership is expected to galvanize the community towards greater political participation and assertiveness, setting the stage for a dynamic and influential future within Kenya’s political landscape.