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Mike Sonko’s lavish family trip in coast

Glitzy Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is not new to spending loads of money, his latest being a luxurious family holiday in Mombasa with a chopper on standby and several Hummers to ensure a perfect holiday.

Saumu Mbuvi dishes out money to residents. PHOTO | COURTESY
Saumu Mbuvi dishes out money to residents. PHOTO | COURTESY

Sonko posted on his social media accounts photos of his family on holiday down at the coast on Monday with a chopper at the beach.

His adopted son Baby Osinya, who hit the headlines after the Mombasa church terror attack, was part of the family holiday.

Saumu Mbuvi, his daughter who has lately been on showbiz news even at one point planning to produce a family reality show with her sisters, can also be seen in one of the photos dishing out bundles of money to Mombasa residents.

In an interview with a local television channel, Sonko stated how he was not afraid to flaunt and spend his wealth with his family.

“I made my first million when I was in form three so I know how to make money,” he said.

Sonko added that his interest and growth in business was initiated by his father who was also present during the coast holiday.