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Mike Sonko’s millions leave a section of Kenyans miserable

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has become a topic of discussion for the better part of Tuesday morning after he took to social media to flaunt his wealth.

Sonko bragged that he is a wealthy man showing off wards of cash in dollars and shillings saying that in total he had Sh52 million as petty cash.

“You say I don’t have money because I don’t help children. Who told you that a person over the age of 18 is a child? Someone who has given birth, who has been educated until they finish school. I have money, but not to spend on children. I have money to spend on my wives. Let me show you,” Sonko began, launching into a series of insults.

“Let me show you money. You have a long way to go. Someone has to plan in this life. This is all two million for fuel. Over there is 50 million. If God takes you before He takes me, I will buy your coffin and take you to Embu. This is all to buy fuel. Let me take out more money to show you that I can insult people early in the morning. Who told you that people don’t have money in this Kenya? Let me take it out for you so you don’t think it’s fake,” Sonko said in the three-minute video.

Kenyans took to social media to lament about how the high cost of living is leaving most of them penniless while for others like Sonko they seem not to be affected.

“You can get depressed if you watch that Mike Sonko video,” @allarick said.

“I already am. Wondering how im waking up daily at 5 to go work and yet sina hata 5k yet someone not working has millions in the house,” @Naitalel_maina wrote.

“It has made me look at my mpesa balance more than 5 times,” @RobbieMuganda commented.

“Ati umesema alimwaga 30m kwa meza tu ivo,” @kiatu254 said.

“Last night nimelala na hasira coz ya hio video,” @Moses_apple said.

“Some of us feel like we ain’t doing our best,lol,” @Deenafula said.

Since he came into the political limelight, Mike Mbuvi Sonko has been known as a flamboyant man who likes to hand out money to his supporters.

His wealth grew when he was elected the second governor of Nairobi in 2017, and he was often spotted in the latest expensive vehicles, fashion outfits, jewellery, and luxury gadgets.

His former office had gold-plated furnishings – including gold-woven toilets – as did his Mua Hills mansion, where his family resides.

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