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Here is the millennials’ buzzword that everyone is asking for the meaning

An update on the just started school holidays explaining how the children will start texting using the millennials’ language has gotten many users wondering what the Pwex word means.

The word was quoted in a viral update that expressed concerns over the language adopted by school children.

The update read, “Brace yourselves, school is closed. The Khoikhoi and Khoisan are back. Xaxa..Xema…Xo…Xwee…Pwex. Phwex ndio nini?”

Unlike the Xaxa words, the Pwex word has got many thinking of what it could probably mean.

The word Pwex is the new spelling adopted by the millennials of the popular exclamation Phew!

The “X” language that is popular among school goers has gotten many lost when reading their text messages.

On social media, some users have even admitted to seeking help to decode some of the messages sent to them by the millennials.