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Millicent Omanga said her ‘assets’ are real and this is how Kenyans reacted

Former nominated senator Millicent Omanga is particularly popular for her huge backside. Aside from her political strides and love for Manchester United, Ms Omanga has often made trending news on social media for her derriere.

At political functions, she is often captured dancing to music alongside other female politicians. But while her friends actually move to look like they were dancing, all it takes for Omanga is to sway and her assets ‘majestically’ swing from East to West, just shy of missing the North and South points – all in attempts at keeping it decent.

Her backside also went viral when content creator and comedian Crazy Kenner did a video imitating Omanga dancing to the song Sipangwingwi at political event.

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In the wake of socialite Vera Sidika announcing that she had the implants removed from her infamous large backside, several bootylicious women across the board have come out to confirm that what they are around is real.

Among them is Instagram influencer Risper Faith, and now, Ms Omanga. All she did to send her followers overdrive was update her Facebook with the phrase, “Ni real (it’s real).” In a matter of minutes, over 5,000 people reacted to her update and over 1,000 more commented on the post.

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“You are such an advantaged politician, a powerful woman leader, however, you are always taking the conversation about you around the bottom and not really what you can offer in the leadership, your capacity is high up there but you always want to twerk the first thing you get on stage, it is exciting but how long can this sustain your relevance as far as women leadership is concerned in this country? Who do you inspire?” wrote Julia Wa Wanjiku.

“Nasikia zile nguo zilikua za Vera Sidika wewe ndiye umeridhi. Ni Real,” added Juvenalis K. Opiyo.

“Hatukatai uko n matako makubwa tena round lakini siku izi tunaangalia meno na mabega,” wrote Ni Kevho.

“Uko sure hujafanya nyashmentation?” asked Rutto Sharon.

“I love you mom. Be my woman,” added Brandie.

“After Twerking in all Kenya Kwanza rallies truly you deserve that job,” Wrote Glen KE.

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