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Milly Chebby announces plans to undergo weight loss surgery

By Winnie Mabel October 12th, 2022 2 min read

YouTuber and Instagram influencer Milly Chebby, the wife to comedian Terence Creative, announced that she will undergo a cosmetic procedure to reduce her weight.

In a series of Instagram stories posted on October 12, Chebby listed a number of cosmetic surgeries and said she would be undergoing one of them without specifically pointing to which one it would be.

She listed tummy tuck, 360 liposuctions (liposuction of fat from around the body), Brazilian Butt Lift, vaginoplasty, gastric balloon and breast implants as the cosmetic surgery options that were available to her.

“So, I’m preparing, I’ll be going for one of those ones you have seen there (the surgery options listed above) soon. Very, very, soon.

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She explained, “I already went for my consultation; I asked every question I wanted to ask, I asked if there were any side effects- everything that I needed to ask and I am glad that I am now set and ready to psychologically to go do the process.

I will be taking you through the process,” said Chebby.

Content creator Milly Chebby

Chebby is a mother of one and revealed she once had a flat tummy prior to getting pregnant.

It would appear that despite being comfortable with her weight as she said in 2019, she is ready to make a change.

“Please do not waste your time coming to my inbox to insult me about my weight. I am very comfortable…at my own time, I will go to the gym if I want to,” she said as she clapped back at her critics, telling them to work on themselves first before coming after others.

Her plan to undergo surgery comes after her BFF, actress Jackie Matubia, underwent one herself earlier this month in October 2022.

Matubia, a mother of two-including an infant- swallowed a gastric balloon and revealed on October 11 that she had already lost 10 kilos.

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She was recorded swallowing what looked like a pill and accompanied it with water before being hooked up to fluids.

“And just like that, it was done. However, after this, you have three days of feeling nauseated and a little bit of vomiting but most importantly hydrate! Hydrate! Through IV,” she posted on October 4.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Intragastric balloon placement is a weight loss procedure that involves placing a saline-filled balloon in your stomach.

This helps one lose weight by limiting how much one eats and makes one feel fuller and faster.

Milly Chebby will be going to the same clinic Matubia went to for her procedure.

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