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Milly Chebby shares baby number two concerns

Content creator Milly Chebby and her husband recently engaged in a candid conversation on YouTube where they addressed some of the assumptions people have about them.

The couple, known for their openness, took the opportunity to clarify a few misconceptions and share their thoughts on various matters.

Milly Chebby, a mother of one, had previously expressed her desire to welcome a second child as she celebrated her 36th birthday.

During their discussion, she shared her fears and reservations regarding expanding their family.

In her own words, she revealed:

“Sometimes I tell myself, let me go remove the coil, and then I ask myself who will go through that process again? Do I even have the strength? I am not saying that my second baby might have anything, but it gave me fear. Being a first-time mum, it’s two weeks on your own. I used to think I did not have the strength.”

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In May 2022, Milly Chebby said for the last three years, she had been recovering from traumas she went through before and after she got her daughter Milla.

“I had a miscarriage and my baby’s pregnancy was such a rough journey, and then I got my baby (Milla) and she got sick.

“I have not recovered from postpartum, cracked nipples, and so on.”

She told her fans when the right time comes, she will get another baby.

Terence, Milly’s husband, also took the opportunity to address a particular myth or misconception raised by a fan.

He shared his experience of carrying his wife’s handbag, an act that had generated some backlash online.

Terence explained his motivation for helping his wife and used the moment to advocate against gender-based stereotypes.

He said:

“It’s automatic that I have always wanted to help. But also, I have taken it as a campaign against male chauvinism. Men and women, and the diverse cultures of Kenya, should refrain from raising boys to disrespect women.

Those taking boys to initiation ceremonies should stop instilling the idea that women should not advise them.

Such practices contribute to chauvinism and can lead to gender-based violence. Let’s work towards a society that does not endorse chauvinism.”