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Milly Chebby: Why I felt like cheating on my husband

By Amina Wako September 8th, 2021 1 min read

Media personality Milly Chebby has opened up on how she once toyed with the idea of cheating on her husband.

Chebby is married to comedian Lawrence Macharia, commonly referred to as Terence Creative.

She made the comment on the couple’s YouTube series dubbed ‘Convo Corner’.

The need to cheat was to act as some form of revenge after her hubby also cheated on her, she suggests.

“When you cheated, you came back when I was about to cheat. But I think I was brought up well because we women when we love, we love once, and we focus on that love,” she explained.

Terence Creative was involved in a cheating scandal and in this session, he also tried to explain he had no reason as to why he engaged in the act.

“When you cheat with somebody, it doesn’t mean the other one is bad. It’s always your fault, I believe we all have choices to make in this life, you can decide to do it or not. I have never found a complete answer to this question because cheating has no excuse. Do not ask me if I regret what I did, I may not have answers to that,” he said.

In a previous interview with seasoned journalist Betty Kyallo, the comedian stated that the cheating scandal involving a teenage lady made him learn a lot as well as grow as a family.

The incident forced him to go through a rough patch, he says, whose bliss was when the couple forgave each other and moved on as they ‘didn’t want to throw away their marriage of seven years’.

Chebby meanwhile recalls that the incident left her ‘confused and lost’.