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Hire me for Sh1.5m: Milly wa Jesus shares rate card for wedding appearances

Content creator Millicent Wambui popularly known as Milly wa Jesus has revealed her rate card for her to attend your wedding as a bridesmaid or best maid.

The social media influencer shared that the rate depends on the time frame she will be there and also included some other services that she would do definitely at a cost.

In a post shared by her husband Peter Kabi alias Kabi wa Jesus, the content creators also stressed that bookings should only be done three months prior and via their email.

Further, Milly shared that she is fun at weddings and would come with a life of the party husband. “I dress to kill, have a personal glam team, huge online presence, and am a very good dancer,” she wrote about herself.

“Bridesmaid half a day Sh360,000, full day Sh 1m. Being the best couple on the wedding day only is Sh3 million and being on the line up as a couple is Sh2 million,” read the rate card.

For an after party, you will have to part with Sh360,000 to have Milly wa Jesus on your big day. If you would like her to post your wedding on her socials for the day you will pay from Sh1.5m and above.

If you would like to consult with her and even shop for your day with her you will part with Sh125,000. “Pre-marital classes are free.”

The WaJesus couple were on the line-up during singer Esther Akoth alias Akothee’s wedding. They were also in her bridal shower and have maintained a close relationship with the Kula Ngoma na Mama Oyoo hitmaker.

The love birds have a rich online presence where they mint their money more so on their YouTube channel which has over 604,000 followers. Additionally, they have been named as brand ambassadors by some brands and never shy away from posting their love for each other to their fans.

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