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Milly Wa Jesus: Why I stopped wearing my wedding ring

Milly wa Jesus has revealed why she stopped wearing her wedding ring. Milly and her husband, Kabi Wa Jesus, are currently touring Turkey for business and pleasure.

They have been sharing their various visits to different shopping stores and time spent with fellow content creators Simon Kabu and his wife, Sarah Kabu.

Responding to inquiries about her missing ring, Milly said in a video while shopping at a mall:

“For those who keep asking why I don’t have a ring, I will only wear one when Kabi wa Jesus gets me a $2300 (Sh315,100) ring, nothing less. I am allergic to cheap rings,” Milly wrote.

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The couple also visited a jeweller where she chose a ring for that price.

“What do you think?” she asked Kabi and received a “Well…”

“No, no, no! I already told you, I’m not wearing a cheap ring,” Milly interjected.

During the launch of the gospel reality show Oh Sister, Milly addressed the couple’s popularity.

Milly claimed the Wa Jesus family holds the title of the most adored couple in Kenya.

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She said she has received a lot of messages in her DMs from people who yearn for prayers to find a husband like Kabi.

“I am the most loved woman in Kenya. This is evident from the numerous prayer requests I receive in my DMs from people asking me to pray for them to find a husband like Kabi. Kabi, on the other hand, is the most popular husband in Kenya,” she said.

Milly and Kabi have been happily married for six years since their wedding in 2017. They welcomed their first child, Taji Wa Jesus, in 2019.

They actively promote the importance of a successful marriage through their hashtag #MarriageWorks and will soon launch a podcast on the topic.

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