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Minne drops Sh3m demand against Michelle Ntalami’s law suit

By Rajab Zawadi October 16th, 2023 2 min read

Real Housewives of Nairobi (RHON) cast member Minne Kariuki has decided not to pursue legal action against social influencer Mitchelle Ntalami, withdrawing her demand for Sh3 million in compensation.

Last week, Minne had instructed her lawyers to file a lawsuit seeking Sh3 million in compensation against Ntalami for what she claimed was defamation stemming from the Marini Natural founder.

However, Minne had expressed her willingness to settle her differences with Ntalami out of court on the condition that Ntalami publicly apologises for what she referred to as a “fictitious” legal suit that defamed her.

A fortnight ago, Ntalami filed a lawsuit against Minne, accusing her of defamation. Just two days later, Minne responded by launching a counter-lawsuit against Ntalami, seeking Sh3 million in compensation for damage to her brand and reputation on social media due to her name being dragged into a lawsuit she had not yet been formally served.

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Branding Ntalami’s case as fictitious, Minne pointed out that she had not been formally served with court documents, even though Ntalami had posted supposed court documents on her social media platforms.

“As we speak, Ntalami has yet to serve anyone she claims to have sued, not even Minne, who was determined to proceed with her own defamation suit against Ntalami,” a source familiar with the situation told Nairobi News.

With the three-day ultimatum for Ntalami to issue a public apology having passed without action, Minne has chosen not to pursue the matter further for now.

According to the source, she wanted to protect her image and brand which she felt had been tarnished by Ntalami’s actions, but has been advised to let the matter rest.

The feud between the two women began last year with the production of the first season of RHON, where Minne was considered for a cast member position while Ntalami’s efforts to secure a spot were unsuccessful.

With the production of the second season of the reality show starting this month, and Minne making another appearance, the situation has further aggravated Ntalami, who once again finds herself on the sidelines.

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