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Minne Kariuki ‘exposed’ for allegedly dating Michelle Ntalami’s woman

Actress Minne Kariuki has addressed her alleged relationship with Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami’s woman.

Speaking during part one reunion of The Real Housewives of Nairobi, Dr Catherine Masitsa and Susan Kaitanny explained why Michelle and Minne had a beef. Dr Masitsa revealed that Michelle has told her that Minne was dating her woman.

The conversation was initiated by Susan, who hinted at undisclosed information regarding the feud between Minne and Michelle. Susan delicately approached the topic, explaining:

“This is something nobody knows but we spoke to Michelle and she knows what she got herself into. I won’t go far since I am not here to break families. Minne, you know why you and Michelle had a fight,” Susan said.

Dr Masitsa went on asking how far people go to chase clout.

“Recently, at a social gathering, Michelle claimed that you were having an affair with her significant other.”

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Minne clarified that she had been married for eight years and that her meeting with Michelle was the first one she had ever had.

“I have never had an affair with anyone who knows or related with Michelle. I am not for the street like you girl. So don’t come for me and if you have anything to say, please say it right now. ”

The host of the reunion, Fareed Khimani, said Michelle had been invited to the reunion but turned down the invite.

Speaking on her behalf, Dr Masitsa said Michelle said she was pursuing a court case about the same.

“It was something about cyber-bullying and that is why she did not come.”

The first episode of The Real Housewives of Nairobi revealed that there was a bit of celebrity beef that has been going on low-key.

A moneyed party organised by Susan turned chaotic after the cast tore into each other mercilessly, shading one another.

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An introduction between Minne and Michelle got ugly after the actress claimed she had never seen or met the Marini CEO.

“I literally don’t know her, we write cheques, and she writes her Instagram posts,” Minne said.

To which Michelle responded: “I’m also a boss b!tch like you if you are even.”

Minne walked out in the heat of the verbal exchange.

During a previous interview with this writer, Michelle opened up about her ongoing feud with Minne, clarifying that their dispute revolves around financial status rather than men

“Vera was right when she mentioned that women often clash due to money or men. However, I don’t believe my issue with Minne is related to men. I have 99 problems, but finding a partner isn’t one of them,” Michelle said.

“It’s likely tied to financial matters. Women tend to experience a sense of inadequacy when they perceive someone else to have more wealth or greater achievements. I’m not claiming to have surpassed her in terms of success, but I have consistently felt a negative energy coming from her,” she explained further.

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