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Miraa juice coming to a club near you

Nairobi will soon be treated to a new beverage as miraa traders offer miraa juice, tea and cappuccino.

It will be sold in clubs and other outlets.

It will be launched at a Miraa Night to be be held on Saturday where the juice and other by-products will be showcased.

“We are targeting the middle class who have stopped chewing miraa,” said Kimani Munjuri.

He claimed that middle class miraa chewers had been doing it in their cars and other hideouts for fear of stigmatisation since the habit is usually associated with falling teeth and poverty.

“We want to show the public that miraa can be chewed and used in mainstream any club. It is not necessary for one to litter around or have green colour all over the mouth as he enjoying miraa,” he said.

He added that miraa could help people lose weight in addition to the twig being a stimulant.

He said the  traders were working on establishing a factory for mass production of the by-products to cater for the need during dry seasons when prices shoot up.

“We want to be classified with EABL products, tea, coffee or tourism because we also want to contribute to the country’s economy,” he said.