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Miraculous life: How Papa Shirandula’s Mama Nyaguthii defied death 29-years-ago

By Winnie Mabel February 20th, 2023 2 min read

Mary Airo Adhiambo, popularly known as Mama Nyaguthii in the long-running Papa Shirandula comedy show, celebrated turning 50 years old over this past weekend.

The legendary actress, who nails her Kikuyu accent on and off screen despite being from a different tribe, thanked God that she lived to clock 50 as she celebrated with her close circle of friends that, include actresses Jacky Vike and Jacquline Nyaminde; and four other close friends at a restaurant in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

“Nyaminde is telling her friend congratulations instead of happy birthday. Anyway, getting to 50 is no joke. Ok then, congratulations Mama Nyaguthii. Thank you Mary, for bringing us all together,” said Jacky Vike in her Insta stories.

Vike added, “Happy 50th Birthday Min Nyagotho, ever since we met during our Papa Shirandula days you have been nothing but a great friend , My advocate, Huyu kila kitu ana counter na law 🤣To many more amazing times, enjoy! @mamanyaguthii.”

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Following the celebration with friends, Mary Airo later turned to Instagram, where she celebrated life but remembered how she was on the brink of death 29 years ago. She believed she would have died in December 1994 as she battled an undisclosed critical illness.

“In 1994, if someone told me I would live to see this day. I would have considered them a liar😃😃. I was critically ill that I never thought that even the month of December of that year would get me alive🙆.

My parents took me to all hospitals both high end and middle level but it it never got any better😭😭😭.

They exhausted all their savings but he situation remained the same. I, however, look back and see the hands of the most High. 29 years later I’m alive, healthy and happy.

And today he has added me another year😊. As I start this new year ,I give gratitude God, to my family, friends, colleagues and to you my friends here who have made my life beautiful. A happy blessed birthday it is💃💃💃.” Mary Airo posted on her Instagram account.

While she is not acting, she is a paralegal who provides free services to incarcerated persons with cases coming up or ongoing in court. Her big acting break came in 2007 when the late Charles Bukeko who acted as Papa Shirandula called her on phone and invited her onto the popular titular show.

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