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‘Mischief’ orbituary lights up KOT

A Kenyan family has penned perhaps the country’s most hilarious obituary proving that it’s not all gloomy even in death.

In the obituary, the family decided to choose the road less taken in doing a memorable tribute for their kin Elizabeth Mueni Ngotho.

The family managed to play around with fancy words and humour, lightening up the would-be moment of grief.

The obituary, which appears in the Daily Nation on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, adds: “Mueni has now been reunited with her beloved father, Anthony, and her partner in crime, Peter, and they can get up to their typical mischief where they left off.”

Some social media users said the statement was on a lighter note while others suggested that it may be misinterpreted.

“Whoever wrote that obituary is a guru in literature, he employs all figures of speech and humor at its best,” wrote Kamau Jonathan.

Sherry Max added, “Great sense of humour if you know Peter is her brother. Whoever eulogised her was so proud of her. But Kenyans hardly understand things.”

“Seems most Kenyans don’t understand English or figures of speech in this matter. There is nothing wrong with that statement at all. It simply means the departed was a close friend to her brother who had died earlier,” said Heskey Dennis.