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Miss International Cindy Isendi takes a bow on beauty pagentry

Kenyan model Cindy Isendi says Miss International 2022 will be her last beauty pageant to attend.

Speaking to Nairobi News, the model who doubles up as an accountant confirmed she will still continue modeling but will no longer be actively pursuing beauty pageantry.

She will also be available in a consultancy mode

“I have a soft spot for modeling so I won’t be leaving it soon, but this will be my last Miss International to attend,” she explained.

“However, I will venture into mentoring young kids, and at least being a National director of one pageant, so that I am able to send a lot of people out of the country to represent Kenya.”

Isendi, the reigning Miss International Kenya 2022, started her modeling career in 2015 aged 18. She initially concentrated on clothing brands before venturing into pageantry. 

“I started with high fashion modeling which is basically showcasing clothes. I was showcasing a bridal show, and thereafter I did pageantry in 2016 with a pageant called Miss Earth.”

She thereafter did more pageants until 2019 when she was recruited for the Beauty of Africa International Pageant and managed to bag the Kenyan crown.

“I did a couple of pageants in between, and in 2019 I did Beauty of Africa International Pageant and won the Kenyan crown. I went to Nigeria to represent Kenya in the African finals and also won the African crown, and now I am Miss International Kenya 2022,” said Isendi.

Having substantial experience in the Kenyan modeling scene, Isendi is of the opinion that the Kenyan modeling industry still has a lot to offer as many young girls in the country have a lot of untapped potentials.

“So far I am the third Kenyan representative on the Miss International stage, and I think Kenya has a lot to offer in pageantry and modeling, but we don’t have many opportunities to do so. So I feel grateful to have the chance to represent Kenya,”

Understanding the world of pageantry, the model divulged that in this day and age physical beauty standards are no longer criteria by which beauty pageants rank models.

Isendi stresses that with pageantry, one has to have beauty with brains to ably communicate with the masses and promote growth within a particular region.

“Pageantry is a forum for ladies to make the world a better place because every pageant has its own personal cause. Right now it does not have any physical standards as it was before, because before they were very keen on height and body size,”

“Right now what they look for the most is authenticity and having the voice to talk to people and convince them that you have the ability to change the community around you.”

Isendi is currently working as an accountant for a Non-Profit Organization, and from her love of education, has a project where she teaches mathematics to primary school children at an informal settlement.

“As for me, I am doing a pet project for education, I really value education and I am working with a school called Glad Kids education, which supports informal education for kids who cannot afford school fees. The school has 300 pupils from grade 1 to grade 8 where we teach them and of course, provide them with basic needs.”

Isendi is expected to represent Kenya and Africa at large in the 60th edition of the Miss International beauty pageant 2022 in Tokyo, Japan come December 2022.