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Miss Morgan: Baby daddy asked for a DNA test

Actress Angel Waruinge, aka Miss Morgan, has opened up on life as a single mother after a prolonged legal battle with her baby daddy.

Miss Morgan, who made her name in the TV show Taahidi High, is a single mother to an eight-year-old girl who has been an inspiration to her life.

“I am a single mother and I don’t have a husband. It will be so selfish of me to leave my child all alone. That is not the kind of family set-up I was brought up in,” she said.

According to the mother of one, she had to seek legal action after the baby daddy failed to provide for his child.

Further, he asked for a DNA test, which came back confirming that he was the father of the girl.

“I tried to follow the law, but it got to a point where I gave up and said I was not going to force him to be in his daughter’s life. I went to court, and he asked for DNA. It came back 99.9 percent of him,” she said.

Morgan says she has a man figure in her daughter’s life, and that is all that matters.

“I have a brother, a dad, and so a man figure doesn’t have to be a dad. Those are enough people who can stand with my daughter, and I can struggle with my daughter.

Early this year, Morgan opened up about her battle with depression and mentioned that were it not for her daughter, her story would have ended differently.

“I am a single mum to an eight-year-old girl. When I look at my life, she is the only thing I did right. If she was not there, we would be talking about a different story. I feel blessed having her in my life.”