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MISS SPICY: Are we exposing our children to sex too early?

By Miss Spicy October 11th, 2019 3 min read

The other day, my friend’s nanny reported to her about a neighbour’s child who was ‘humping’ a little girl from the next apartment. Haiya! We were in shock to say the least. This was unsettling in the sense that both were kids – the boy about five and the girl, probably three.

The nanny narrated that the boy had pinned the little girl on the floor and was mimicking the sexual act. Needless to say, a kid that age is innocent unless a grown-up or older kid has introduced him to adult deeds.

Naturally, we wanted to know where the little man had ‘learned’ about sex and it turned out that he still slept in his parents’ bedroom. His mother is a stay-at-home mum and his dad is a businessman… surely, they could not squeeze some time to do the nasty away from their son?

Anyways, I’m not Judge Spicy but honestly, we need to protect our children from what they see. A child that age exposed to a sex scene will be curious and want to try it out for sure… sad they have to watch live porn courtesy of his parents.

Growing up, the only sex ed we got was, ‘don’t play with boys’ but today, our kids are exposed to sexually explicit material and we cannot continue to bury our heads in the ground.

I am a firm believer of teaching our kids age-appropriate sex education from an early age… at least as soon as they can start to grasp basic concepts. If your kid can talk and you can have a conversation where he understands what mama or daddy is saying, by all means start the sex ed at that juncture.


My five-year-old knows that no-one should touch his ‘bumbum’ (buttocks) or ‘susu’ (his little manhood). You can use your own words that you both understand.

The one advantage of this is that if he ever comes home with a new word other than what you two use, it could be a red flag that someone else might be introducing new words to your child and God forbid what else.

At times though I wonder if we are guilty of exposing our little ones to sexual content prematurely. Think about the bars most of this generation likes to frequent.

Often times you will spot a drunk couple snuggling at a corner or making out as your young innocent child watches. Or perhaps it’s allowing them to watch those musical shows on TV with half-naked girls gyrating to ‘Pekejeng’ with their bums clad in tiny booty shorts baring their butt cheeks.

We cannot even begin to talk about the Internet and the kind of influence it has on our kids but oh… well. Let’s not even dress up in front of them imagining they are too naïve.

A friend confessed to me that her little girl once took one of her sanitary towels and tried fixing it on her panty. “I never imagined she could comprehend anything when I changed my pads in her presence after a shower. She was barely two but that was my cue to get her out of our room,” she says.

But perhaps, if I do my part and you do your part in getting to understand what our kids are watching or who they hang out, we might, just might arrest a situation before it gets out of hand. I get really bothered when we assume or desperately hang on to the fact that our kids are innocent yet we keep reading about teens getting pregnant.

But this isn’t a class on sex education but a concern about a five-year-old humping his little female friend… I can only guess what else happens in our estates.