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MISS SPICY: Ladies, here’s how to avoid razor bumps on Miss V after shaving

By Miss Spicy October 26th, 2019 4 min read

Imagine for a moment you were a stripper and always have to keep your pubes clean shaven. I can only imagine the life of these girls whose job description, touches on nudity so they have to keep those shapely bodies appealing as it comes with the job. Often times, most of these girls have to make sure that they get rid of pubic hair regularly and ensure they don’t get razor bumps while at it, which you will agree is no mean feat. At times I wonder how they keep their vulva looking so smooth! And speaking of those unsightly bumps… wah!

The other day I decided to be a ninja (I say this cause I’d promised myself I’d never use a razor again) and shave using a razor. Actually, I had bought it for that exact purpose so you can imagine my shock when I noticed little ugly razor bumps on the right side of my yoni and some more on my inner thighs. Nkt! They were itchy AF and not nice to look at. My magic remedy for skin irritations is usually castor oil, whose smell I don’t like much but which usually relieves irritated skin. I applied it at night and sure enough, the following morning my vulva wasn’t itchy but the bumps were still staring at me like… hello, we ain’t going nowhere!

I have always preferred to get rid of the hair on my pubes using shaving cream as it never leaves bumps and usually leaves the skin smooth. I’m not the waxing kind, I honestly fear pain. Hahaha! Scratch that, I suspect the real truth is am not ready for the experience – I find it a bit too exposing so let me deal with the yearly Pap smear aki (And dear ladies, don’t forget to get checked, especially in this month of October.) Anyways, to shave or not to shave BTW is usually a personal choice and doctors will tell you that hair is there for a purpose, which is true, anyway but let’s address those razor bumps first.


The shaving cream has always worked for me though I feel like it takes longer as I have to give it time after applying for it to work. This, by the way, wasn’t the first time I’d had an affair with the razor… the first time was so bad, I promised myself never again! I remember it had caused me to itch like crazy and every opportunity I got alone was used for sneaking scratches. But here I was again… like most of us, never learning the first time. What was different this time round was that I was throwing a shaving jell into the mix. I shaved along the grain and I liked the smoothness… but I thought to myself, why not try and make it smoother? So I started shaving across the grain. Wueh! That was how the cookie crumbled.

Those little bumps can be quite stubborn and I honestly don’t know how to get rid of them (anyone knows?). The thought of shaving again gives me the heebie-jeebies so I decided to research on HOW NOT TO GET THEM RAZOR BUMPS! I always tell myself it’s better to have knowledge you don’t need than need knowledge you don’t have. So, here’s the right way for your bikini-line grooming…


  • First trim the excess hair with a clean pair of scissors dedicated for that job. Use a mirror to avoid any accidents.
  • Then wet the skin and hair with warm water and clean the area with mild soap. It might surprise you to know that you should shave after taking a shower since it gives the hair follicles a chance to soften, lowering your risk of irritation. Also, if you need to shave suddenly/ urgently (wink wink), resist the urge to dry shave. Ensure that at the very least you take a few minutes to press a hot face flannel on the area.
  • Apply your preferred shaving cream or gel (preferably one with moisturising ingredients) and shave using a fresh blade. Importantly, ensure you shave in the direction the hair is growing, usually downward and using small strokes. Don’t be in a rush. Be gentle with your bikini line and avoid lots of back and forth.
  • To calm the bikini area after shaving, wash the area well and pat with a cold flannel to avoid irritation.
  • But avoid your regular lotions, which are most probably loaded with fragrances. Instead, use mild, natural lotions or oils (jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or aloe vera would be a good start) to keep the area well hydrated after shaving.
  • Wearing clean pure cotton panties is the secret to ensure you give Miss ‘V’ time to breathe and recover after shaving. Ensure the elastic bands on the waist and leg openings are not too tight to prevent irritation.
  • Always keep your razors clean and in a safe dry place.
  • Avoid shaving while you are on your period as skin is usually more sensitive.
  • You might also want to give it some time before engaging in any sexual activity to avoid infections, in case of any minute cuts that occurred while shaving.

The experts agree that: Clean skin, wet hair and warm water are a sure win to avoid razor burn and razor bumps.

So I’m here now waiting like Samson(he of the Good Book) for my hair to grow back so I see if changing tact will give me a smooth shave devoid of bumps. Lemme know if it works for you too. Happy shaving!