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Miss Trudy breaks silence after being criticized for Mombasa International Airport filming drama

YouTube content creator Miss Trudy, born Gertrude Njeri, broke her silence after thousands of Kenyans blasted her for her behavior at the Mombasa International Airport, where she faced off with airport authorities.

In the fiasco, Miss Trudy was found filming at the entryway to the airport, and when she was asked to move, she caused a scene when she claimed she was being harassed and had done nothing wrong despite airports being protected zones where photography and filming were prohibited.

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A section of Kenyans blasted her for her entitlement attitude and caused drama despite being on the wrong and breaking several laws in the face of her claiming she had done nothing illegal. Nairobi News previously reported she had indeed broken several laws and was liable to hefty fines and jailing if convicted.

Hours after she uploaded the viral video of the altercation, she returned to social media to react to Kenyans calling her out, saying, “sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

This was after she shared a poll on her Instagram stories, asking her followers if she had broken the law for “fighting for freedom for content creators”.

A resounding 76% of her followers said yes while 24% said no.

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She also intimated that she had spent the better part of the day yesterday crying after seeing how Kenyans on Twitter were mercilessly roasting her. She shared an avatar of herself crying helplessly, saying, “My mood right now after (what) seeing Kenyans on Twitter are saying about me!”

This is the second time Miss Trudy is trending in Kenya for a faux pas this year. A month ago, she trended, especially in Uganda, as Kenyans also reacted when she expressed surprise that Uganda had a national park within its borders.

“Uganda has surprised me today! I did not know they also have game drives in Uganda! I thought that these were only in Kenya and Tanzania. We spent the evening watching antelopes, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, waterbucks, and hippos. Who would have thought?” said Miss Trudy.

Ugandans descended on her with all manner of comments and insults, and hours after her tweet and trending in both countries, she returned to social media with claims that she genuinely had not known the country had a national park because it was not marketed abroad; and that Ugandans should have thanked her for highlighting the fact for her fellow Kenyans and other foreigners.

She also said Ugandans are renowned for being warm people and this was not the behavior she had expected from them.

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