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Miss Trudy speaks about her struggles with mental health

Digital content creator Miss Trudy has spoken about struggling with her mental health, leaving her fans rather concerned about her. 

Miss Trudy, whose real name is Gertrude Awino Njeri, disclosed via her Instagram account that November has been one of the saddest months of her life.

The wife of the popular Ghanaian travel YouTuber Wode Maya said life has been so cruel to her and she doesn’t seem to understand why.

The popular lifestyle YouTuber posted a picture of herself smiling, captioning it that life needs brave people to smile even in hard times or situations.

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Miss Trudy went on to motivate herself and her followers that no matter what life offers, you have to get a backup.

The content creator then asked her online fans to suggest a place she would just go and take a break.

“This month had been one of the saddest months of my entire life! Life can be cruel. It has been really difficult to try and put on a brave face as if everything is okay… But when life knocks you down, you get back up. Now I feel like I need to go away! Far away! and just breathe,” she wrote.

The influencer, however, didn’t mention her husband as being a part of her stress or whether they were both facing the same thing.

Miss Trudy and Maya have been together for almost four years now. On September 10, 2022, the couple tied the knot in a traditional wedding at the Kenyan YouTuber’s rural home in Western Kenya. 

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The private wedding was attended by Miss Trudy’s family and relatives while Maya flew into the country with six people from Ghana, among them his uncle and pastor, who officiated their union.

The Ghanaian YouTuber, who boasts more than 1 million subscribers, also used the occasion to pay Miss Trudy’s dowry. A video that captured the occasion shows Maya making his way to his in-law’s homestead holding a goat and a cow, accompanied by his family. 

The vocal YouTuber said his father-in-law didn’t ask for a lot, revealing that they spent Sh100,000 on their ceremony. 

“God sent people our way to make this happen and we are so grateful,” the Kenyan YouTuber said.

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