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Miss Universe Kenya Stacy Michuki forced to defend her surname

Miss Universe Kenya Stacy Michuki has been forced to come out and address claims that she is not related to the late billionaire politician John Michuki as she claims.

This is after a woman going by the name Tiri Murai on Instagram called her out for being a ‘fraud’ and associating herself to the Michuki family when she is not.

Tiri claims to be a granddaughter of the late politician and says she has done a background check in the family and no one seems to know Stacy.

She made the allegations in a conversation with popular blogger Edgar Obare.

“I came across a model who happens to be Miss Universe Kenya, who goes by the name Stacy Michuki. She has marketed herself as John Michuki’s granddaughter, and capitalised off it. She is not in any way John Michuki’s granddaughter,” said Tiri.

“In fact, he (Mr Michuki) only has five granddaughters including myself. Our extended family is very large but still, no one knows who this woman is. She has lied to the press about being my late Guka’s grandchild and I find this extremely wrong,” she added.

Kenyan politician the late John Michuki. PHOTO | AFP

Tiri says that she tried contacting Stacy but the conversation did not go well.

“I messaged her, she became very defensive and blocked me, and I will go to whatever lengths to let her know that this is unacceptable and totally unfair,” she said.

Tracy, however, now says that she has been brought up by a single parent and her father – a Michuki- has not been around.

But when she was crowned Miss Universe Kenya, her dad made contact and congratulated her. She says her father is related to the Michuki family.

She says her mother chose to raise her away from the prominent family where her lineage is.

“My dad’s side of the family has never been present in my life, I have been raised by a single Mum and I just happen to carry their name. And this whole “Michuki” thing hit the roof after one blog posted it and every other did the same. To be honest with or without the name, I’d still do well for myself,” she went on

“I’ll ask for my dad’s contact today and if she (Tiri) has anything to ask, she should take it up with him. And I’ve even had guys apparently from this same family DM me and wish me the best, this is after winning Miss Universe Kenya, I don’t think they had any idea about me before.”