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Missing groom released by kidnappers

A bridegroom who went missing early this week just days to his wedding was released by his kidnappers on Saturday after faking illness.

Aaron Kyalo, 27, said he had been kidnapped by two men who kept moving with him from one location to another on a nightly basis.

After his release he narrated his ordeal to elated family members at Wamunyu, Machakos County recounting how the kidnappers would relocate him using a lorry packed with household items to fool traffic police officers.

On Friday evening Mr Kyalo hatched a plot to break free from his captors by faking illness a plan that compelled the kidnappers to ask for a family contact.

“I gave them my fiancées number whom they called and I heard them say that we were at Emali,” narrated Kyalo.


Michelle Mwende, his fiancée, was then instructed to meet the two men at Machakos junction on Saturday on condition that she informs nobody.

She obliged and on arrival at the meeting place she tried calling the number used to give her instructions but it was off.

She later received a call and after informing the caller where she was standing, Kyalo emerged from a Probox in the company of two men.

But before the two men let go of their captive, they demanded Sh1,000 from Mwende and fled the once their demands were met.

Mwende’s action however irked some family members who faulted her for putting her life at risk. However, she said she had been driven by the desire to see her husband-to-be.

The family has reported the development at Wamunyu Police Station and wedding preparations have resumed with a new date set to be announced.