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Missing child and househelp found in Kayole

A two year old toddler who went missing Monday morning has been found.

Baby Lilian Awinja and her caregiver were picked up by a Kayole pastor after they lost their way.

The two were returning from visit to the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital for a measles jab.

The househelp, Florence Ateya told the pastor that she was unable to trace her employer’s house after taking the baby to the hospital.

The pastor offered them refuge in his house on Monday night, before taking them to Soweto police station on Tuesday.

Police got in touch with the baby’s father, Peter Okonji, on Tuesday afternoon. The father had earlier informed the police station of his missing child and househelp.

“It was after you (Nairobi News) ran the story that the pastor went to Soweto police station with the baby and househelp,” said the elated father.

Mr Okonji had appealed through Nairobi News to anyone who might have spotted the two to either call him or report to the nearest police station.

The househelp, Ms Ateya, 21, is new in the city and started working for the Okonjis last Friday. Her only previous  work experience was in western Kenya for five months.

According to her employer, she had no phone that she would have used to seek directions and only had a SIM card that did not have her employer’s number.