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Missing Kenyan woman in US found dead in her car

The body of Wamaitha Kaboga-Miller, a Kenyan woman living in the United States and who went missing five weeks ago, was on Sunday found in her car.

The discovery was a tragic conclusion to a disappearance that had confounded her family, law enforcement and friends and led to multiple searches by volunteers.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers were responding to an unrelated crash on Sunday afternoon when they spotted a silver 2002 Mercedes-Benz coupe that had rolled off the highway and landed at the bottom of an embankment.

On checking the vehicle, CHP officers discovered there was a woman’s body inside the car.

Paramedics who responded at the scene pronounced the woman dead at the scene and determined she had been dead for an extended time.

Wamaitha Kaboga-Miller's sons during a search for their missing mother. PHOTO | COURTESY
Wamaitha Kaboga-Miller’s sons during a search for their missing mother. PHOTO | COURTESY

An autopsy conducted later identified the dead woman as 66-year-old Wamaitha Kaboga-Miller of Palo Alto, California.


Wamaitha was a retired Apple engineer and the family had reported her missing since August 17th, and had offered a Sh2.5 million ($25,000) reward to help find her.

Her family, friends as well as the Palo Alto community had conducted several search events in the area since her disappearance in an effort to find her.

The 66-year-old was considered at-risk because she recently had back surgery, could not walk far without a walker and was without oxycodone needed to suppress the pain from the procedure.

The cause of the crash as well as the day and time are still under investigation.