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Missing schoolgirl found in friend’s house attempting to sneak to US

A Kenyan schoolgirl thought to have joined a terror group was on Wednesday found hiding in her friend’s house as part of her plot to sneak to the United States.

Faiza Mohammed Sheikh, 17, went missing on Monday morning in Al Mukarram estate, South C. Her parents searched her bedroom and discovered that her American passport was missing.

The girl had on different occasions expressed her interest to relocate to her country of birth, United States of America, but her father had urged her to wait until she was ready to join University.

On Wednesday, she was found hiding at a classmate’s house in a neighbouring estate.

Her father Mohammed Sheikh confirmed to Nairobi News that his daughter was found in South B estate on Wednesday at 10am after her story was highlighted in the media.

“She had lied to her classmate’s parents that we (her parents) were in the US and she needed to travel alongside their daughter who is also an American citizen,” said Mr Mohammed.

It was after the story was aired on NTV that the parents of Faiza’s classmate realised the truth and told her to go back home.

Faiza has just graduated from Light Academy and is expected to join Form Five at Braeside School, Nairobi in September.

When she went missing on Monday, her father had mulled at the possibility that she had been lured into joining a terror group.

Last year, two girls from the neighborhood went missing and were later said to have joined a terror group in Syria as jihadi brides.