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Misuse of city fountains could land you in court

Drinking fountains within the county have fallen to misuse and neglect as selfish residents turn them into carwashes and bathing points.

In the past months, the taps within the Central Business District(CBD) have run dry and rusty while the only sign of water has been from the rain.

There are at least two fountains within the CBD, which were set up by the county council to provide thirsty Nairobians with clean drinking water.

Neither of the points on Kimathi Street and Kenyatta Avenue is operational.

Initially a trend had emerged where instead of using the water in the right way, scores would misuse watering points.

Taxi washers

For example, the fountain on Kimathi Avenue near the Stanley Hotel was used by taxi drivers early in the morning to wash their cars.

“It is sad to see people washing shoes and their faces at these points. Some of them even spit or draw water directly from the taps instead of using bottles or containers,” said Ms Leah Oyake, the County Director of Environment.

She accused the county inspectorate officers of laxity in enforcing some of the city’s by-laws.

“We have askaris everywhere running after the hawkers, but none to ensure that the watering points are used appropriately,” she said.

She warned people that they would be charged at the county court with causing a nuisance.

The courts, however, may not effectively stop this.

There was a need for heavy penalties slapped on those caught to discourage the growing practice, she said.