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Mitchelle Ntalami shares what ‘turns her on’

Marini Naturals Chief Executive Mitchelle Ntalami has publicly shared details on the kind of person she hopes to get married to.

She was responding to an inquiry by a fan during a question and answer session on Instagram.

“Love, loyalty, attraction, kindness, humor, intelligence, and a healthy fear of God are extremely difficult qualities to find in one person especially today. But rest assured when I do find this in one, imma make sure they wife me! In a nutshell, it’s God’s planning” she responded.

Ntalami was also asked what turns her on and she answered, “Loyalty, masculinity, dominance, power, depth, wealth, intelligence, kindness, humor, and eye contact if there’s attraction. Jesus!”

She went on to respond to another fan who asked what her deal-breaker in a relationship is, to which she said, “Lack of ambition, a bad heart, lies, and cheating.”

The sassy entrepreneur’s love life is one that has had its fair share of controversies including suggestions she is in a relationship with Bold Network Africa founder and CEO, Makena Njeri.

She refuted these allegations, however, insisting Mitchelle is an amazing friend.

The speculations arose after both parties shared very sentimental and heartfelt messages with each other and posted pictures together.

Ntalami’s journey as a young female entrepreneur is an inspiration to many young women who envision themselves reaching such great heights in their careers.

She’s recently shared how navigating through the business world as a woman is not a walk in the park but she hasn’t let obstacles or times of adversity stop her from achieving the best for herself.