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Mitchelle Ntalami’s secret to her hourglass figure

Beauty entrepreneur Mitchelle Ntalami has in a recent post, hinted at what has kept her figure looking ever glorious as her fans have always acknowledged. 

Having a figure almost every woman dreams of rocking, netizens can’t help but speculate whether it’s all just genes or otherwise.

Ntalami has always shared her fitness journey with her fans, leaving tongues wagging with every new upload on her page. 

Sharing a selfie of herself on her Instagram page, the beautypreneur shared a caption where she noted that she is now celebrating 13 years of fitness, which indicates the not-so-secret to her hourglass figure. 

“It’s been 13 years of incorporating fitness and healthy living into my life. 13 years guys! Though several times of course I’ve gone on and off, I always get right back on track,” read part of her post.

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Known for always sharing motivational quotes and encouraging her fans about several matters in life, Ntalami gave her followers a vote of confidence and encouraged them to keep trying their best to stay fit and in good shape by incorporating exercises and fitness into their lives. 

“To those in their 20’s, start early. Your body will thank you later for it. And you will properly have the benefit of looking like you’re still in your twenties for 2 decades,” said Ntalami. “To my 30+ and older, let’s keep going! Fitness is a long game. We fall, we fail, and we get right back up! Or at least we hope we can, right after them burpees,” she added. 

Living by a personal mantra, Ntalami shared her guiding formula for self-care while uplifting her female fans by encouraging them to work on themselves. 

“To my ladies, work on your body as much as you work on your face and your bag. Good health is everything. Never take it for granted. Y’all already know my 4F formula for self; fit, fly, feminine, and financially free,” she concluded. 

Just barely a month ago, Ntalami went on record to call out women who shame each other on social media.

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Following snide remarks from Kenyan actress Minne Kariuki from ‘The Real Housewives of Nairobi’, a show Ntalami was featured, she condemned the unwarranted behavior, noting especially during a month when women should celebrate each other.

According to Ntalami, lines were crossed when Minne took their beef from the show to social media, TV, and radio.

“I kept silent, but lines were crossed. The back-to-back insults, aggrandizing the drama online, profiting off it with merchandising, going as far as taking the attacks to National TV and Radio, coming for my bag and brand, body shaming other women online, hurling insults and profanity? … You cross my boundaries,” Michelle wrote.

Ntalami remarked that there should be a clear distinction between showbiz and personal space. Drama on the show should remain on the show, and grown women should not tear each other down on social media.

“By the nature of the show, on-screen drama is great. But cast members are NOT meant to attack others online. Letting grown women tear each other down on social media is wrong. Drama on the show should remain on the show. Not getting mean, messy, and personal in real life. That’s a dirty game. I don’t imagine any contract or company would support this,” she said.

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