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Mixing love with work: Kenyan celebrity couples who are also business partners

There is a common misconception that lovers should never work together as in so doing they increase the chances of conflict in their union, which subsequently leads to breakups or divorce.

While many couples desist from doing business together in order to maintain peace, many find it productive to have a partner in crime in the world of business.

Many people are of the opinion that business and love can’t mix, but many couples, including celebrities, have proved that there’s no reason couples can’t work together to create an extraordinary business.

Couples working together is a trend that’s on the rise, and there are more and more power couples who are beating the odds and successfully running business together.

Below is a list of Kenyan celebrity couples who have undoubtedly proven that love and business can beautifully co-exist in a marriage.

1. Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla – Renowned news anchors who serve as couple goals for many on social media. Lulu and Rashid work together on Citizen TV as co-hosts for Citizen’s Nipashe news bulletin.

Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan (left) on set with her husband Rashid Abdallah. PHOTO | COURTESY
Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan (left) on set with her husband Rashid Abdallah. PHOTO | COURTESY

2. Milly and Kabi Wa Jesus – Milly and Kabi Wa Jesus have set a pace for young married couples as they have showcased a lifestyle led and sustained by endorsement deals they get from the massive social media following they command on their joint YouTube channel.

The Wa Jesus couple, Peter Kabi aka Kabi wa Jesus and his wife Millicent Wambui Ng’ang’a aka Milly wa Jesus. PHOTO | COURTESY

3. Bahati and Diana – Despite having their own separate careers as artistes, Diana and Bahati have collaborated on a number of tracks which have left their fans in awe of their ability to work together.

Kenyan gospel artiste Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua. PHOTO | COURTESY
Kenyan gospel artiste Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua. PHOTO | COURTESY

4. Mungai Eve and Trevor – One of the youngest celebrity couples in Kenya. Mungai Eve and her director boyfriend started from the ground up and are currently riding high in the entertainment industry as they have a fast-growing YouTube channel together which is their remunerative business as a couple.

5. Phil and Kate Actress – Phil and Kate Actress found love in each other while working together. Kate, whose real name is Catherine Kamau, has previously narrated the story of how she and her husband. She says initially they could not stand each other on set. Currently, the couple has their own production company Phil It Productions.

Kenyan filmmaker Phillip Karanja and his wife Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress. PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

6. Njugush and Celestine – Njugush and Celestine have flourished quite tremendously on YouTube making funny skits that have seen them progressively creating more content together on social media.

Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda. FILE PHOTO

7. Abel Mutua and Judy Nyawira – Abel Mutua has his wife Judy Nyawira as her producer/manager.  Judy organizes many of Abel’s productions on YouTube, a feat which many of their fans have lauded them for.

8. Milly Chebby and Terrence Creative – Joining the YouTube content-creating bandwagon are Milly Chebby and Terrence Creative who make videos together, showcasing their daily life routines and other random things that entertain their robust subscribers.

Milly Chebby and her husband Terence Creative. PHOTO: COURTESY

9. Wahu and Nameless – One of the oldest celebrity couples in Kenya. Wahu and Nameless have been together for donkey years and together have nurtured their musical careers to a point of recording music together with their latest project being an album dubbed ‘The Mz’s’. The couple is expecting their third child very soon.

Musician Nameless with his wife Wahu. PHOTO | COURTESY