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Mnaskia utamu gani? Pastor Ng’ang’a unloads on media again after release from cell – VIDEO

Pastor James Ng’ang’a of the Neno Evangelism Centre has come out guns blazing accusing the media of lying that he was arrested on Thursday night for allegedly defrauding a business man Sh3.6 million.

In a two-part video, a livid Ng’ang’a unloaded on the media warning journalists to stop being obsession with his name.

The first video captures the pastor wearing a yellow shirt with blue suit pants in a clothes store, where he claims that he had come to buy clothes for his family.

“My viewers wherever you are watching your television this is daktari kenya one, I am just coming to do shopping for my kids and also to see how I can groom my family. nashanga kusikia watu wa mitandao munasema niko jela nimecon mtu five million. You television people why are you killing yourself,” he said.

“Why are you destroying your future with daktari. Your colleague was there now you came back again how do you feel sweet to mention the name of apostle Ng’ang’a. My friend doesn’t try this you will crash yourself.”


He then goes bare-knuckle on the second video where lashes out, indirectly refereeing to Citizen Boss Linus Kaikai for his earlier comments about him while appearing on the News Gang show, the Kicker segment.

Munaskia utamu gani nyinyi watu wa media na jian la Ng’ang’a. What do you want after Ng’ang’a. Kila mtu akiamka ni Ng’ang’a, basi nitawapatia hiyo jina la Ng’ang’a kama munaitaka. Wewe chunga akili yako,” rants the man of god.

“Ningetaka serekali pia iangalie why Ng’ang’a. kila mtu akitaka kujifundisha kizungu ni Ng’ang’a, my news my kicker tonight is Ng’ang’a everybody wants to kicker tonight, kicker yourself rubbish.”

Mr Ng’ang’a spent a night at the Central police station and was released on Friday morning on a police bond awaiting to be arraigned in court.