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Man who stole police radio beaten senseless by mob

A man who grabbed a radio from a police officer on patrol was beaten senseless by a crowd  in Mathare.

Though the radio was recovered and handed over to the policeman, the mob set on the hapless man with blows and kicks leaving him for dead.

Ironically, instead of arresting him, the the policeman and his colleagues drove off after recovering the radio, leaving the man at the mercy of the crowd that was baying for his blood.

The man did the unthinkable, reaching out and snatching the radio from the armed officer who was in the company of his colleagues.

He also attempted to grab the officers cap, but was unsuccessfull. He then took off with the walkie talkie.

The policeman repeatedly shot in the air to scare the man into stopping but to no avail.

Things took a tricky turn for the thief when the public joined in the chase and managed to corner him at Albadr petrol station metres away from St.Teresa’s girls high school.

The police, with the help of the crowd, managed to recover the radio from the man as his accomplice took advantage of the chaos to sneak away.

The man was left beside a ditch near the road where he regained conscious after being attended by good samaritan as he bled.

Some of the eye witnesses claimed that the man was insane.