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‘Mobilise’: Miguna’s ‘viva’ response to journalist goes viral

A Kenyan journalist got more than he bargained for when he sought an audio message from embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna on Tuesday.

A viral screenshot of the conversation shows the unidentified scribe asking the self-declared general to record a message via WhatsApp, which would be relayed on radio stations.

But Miguna, in his usual cocky demeanor, retorted to the journalist: “Mobilise! Stop sending messages. Organise! Thanks.”

When the journalist identified him/herself as working for Royal Media Services, Miguna was even more blunt: “Be disciplined! Mobilise. Stop sending messages. Organise. Thanks. Viva.”

Viva is an expression or cheer that means “long live!”

The self-declared general of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) was removed from a Air France flight to Kenya on Tuesday night.

Air France later apologised for the inconvenience caused to Miguna, saying they were simply complying with the international rules governing air transport.

The journalist is not the only one to be shut down by Miguna: