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Model clobbered by Grace Mugabe was handed a blank cheque

South African model who was allegedly beaten by Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe was offered a blank cheque.

Gabriella Engels, 20, and her mother Debbie were reportedly given a blank cheque by Zimbabwean officials to come up with an amount that will make them not seek legal redress.

The matter was unveiled by an organization that volunteered to offer legal services, Afriforum.

South African media reported that during a press briefing the lawyers said no guidelines were given by the officials as to what would happen if the Engels family do not write an amount on the cheque.


“She is living in fear actually to go out into the public now. The family is living in fear for what might happen,” AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel said.

The model’s mother Mrs Engel told the media she was relieved when the lawyers came to her daughter’s rescue.

“At least now I can sleep a little more peaceful knowing I have people in my corner that is gonna help me fight to get justice for my daughter,” she said.

Mrs Mugabe has been tight lipped about the incident that was widely reported in South Africa where he sons live and her home country Zimbabwe.

The media had indicated that her husband would visit South Africa for a SADC conference and possibly hold talks with his South African counterpart.

Reports indicated that a red alert had been issued for Mrs Mugabe not to be allowed to leave the country, even as Zimbabwean officials said she was back home.

Mrs Mugabe is accused of beating up Ms Engels with an electric cable after finding her at her sons’ hotel.

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