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Moha ‘Jicho Pevu’ calls out Governor Joho for ‘selfie’ presidential quest

Member of Parliament for Nyali Constituency Mohammed Ali has upped his long running animosity with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

In an undated video of a TV interview, Ali, a former investigative journalist, has blasted Joho for failing to deliver services to Mombasa residents.

He further faulted Member of the County Assembly (MCAs) in Mombasa for receiving handouts and doing the biding of the governor without questioning him.

“This (Joho) is someone who says he wants to be the president of Kenya, yet he can’t even run the smallest county in this country. He wants to be the president, yet he can’t manage garbage collection. Does he want to choke the entire country with garbage? Does he want to kill Kenyans with selfies? Does he want to be attending every other wedding at the expense of service delivery?” Ali said during the interview.


“I’ve told him (Joho) before that the Presidency is not a joke. It is not a personality contest. It is not about attending weddings and taking selfies all over,” he added.

Ali, who meet and held discussions with the Deputy President William Ruto early this week, now wants President Kenyatta and his deputy to step in and address various issues affecting Mombasa county.

Ali and Joho were one time great friends but their friendship turned into enmity last year when the journalist failed to clinch ODM party ticket for the August 8, General Elections.

Ali, who publicly accused Joho of blocking his nomination, later decamped from the opposition outfit and successful contested the Nyali parliamentary seat as an independent candidate.

He trounced 13 other candidates, including Joho’s cousin Saidi Abdalla aka Saido, in a hotly contested race’.