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Moha ‘Jicho Pevu’ shows his dark side with this abusive clap back

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali seems to have picked up some bad manners since his election 10 months ago.

The former sweet talking KTN journalist has transformed into an intolerant ‘Mheshimiwa’ who has no regard on the choice of words he uses on Kenyans.

On Sunday, he unleashed abusive words to clap back at a tweep who had merely criticized his new idea of paying driving school fees for youths in the constituency.

The legislator had just announced the Nyali driving school bursary fund that will see Sh3 million spent to teach 215 people how to drive.

A tweep criticized the new program by asking; “If you train everyone in Nyali to be a driver, who will be driven?”

To that Ali clapped back; “Uko na akili ndogo kama sabuni ya lodging!”

The comment from the first-time MP sparked a myriad of reactions.

@SamanthaNyobia replied; “Interesting to see how adversely people change after they get to parliament.”

@__anthonyng added; “Especially after hitching a ride in WSR’s helicopter.”

@AmakanjiThomas tweeted; “Mhesh!some of us contributed money for your campaigns willingly through your paybill but now because you feel you have enough,some of us tumekua sabuni!!okey”

@chimawere wrote; “As the honorable member of parliament for Nyali your response is beneath your status, withdraw and immediately apologize the honorable @FredAsira otherwise you cease being honorable.”

@GeorgeAlaka3 commented; “If indeed you are a Nyali constituent then you should know better by now the kind of perception watu wa Nyali wanayo juu ya Moha. This guy has become so arrogant and I’m not surprised at this kind of response from him.”

@Jackie_Arkle stated; “As a leader you need to learn not to respond to everything and hold yourself with dignity.”

@paulynm questioned; “How can a young MP use such language ????. Kenya has no chance of being redeemed ??”

@MuthumaGabriel replied; “????. It’s time to vomit on their heads Mhesh. Good job at it. They need to know how to vote next time.”