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Moi grandson accused of ‘delay’ tactics in Sh1 million child support case

Former president Daniel Moi’s grandson has been accused of employing delaying tactics in a child support case in which his baby mama is demanding Sh1 million a month.

In this case, Jonathan Moi is accused of neglecting two children he sired with his ex-wife Gladys Jeruto.

And Jeruto’s lawyer David Mongeri has persuaded the court to proceed to make a judgment on the matter while arguing the younger Moi has a ‘don’t care attitude’.

According to the lawyer, Moi, the son of the late Jonathan Toroitich, was employing delay tactics with the matter at the expense of the children’s wellbeing.

Jeruto moved to court in March accusing Moi of absconding from his parental responsibilities to his two children aged 11 and nine years.

She complained that his co-parent had left her to shoulder all needs of the children despite knowing that she does not have a stable source of income.

The court heard that the couple separated in 2012 after a four years’ union leaving her with the children.

Jeruto in her suit wants Moi compelled to pay Sh 1 million monthly for the children’s basic needs including food, clothing, shelter, and other maintenance.

Last week, however, Moi while responding to the court claimed he needed to confirm whether he was the biological father and sought to have a DNA conducted on the minors to confirm their paternity.

The court ordered him to file a formal application requesting the orders.

The magistrate further directed the parties to serve and file their submissions before the matter is determined.

Moi is yet to file the submissions.