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Moi sends Gideon to condole with Matiba’s family – PHOTOS

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi on Monday afternoon visited the home of the late Kenneth Matiba’s in Riara, Limuru, to condole with the family.

Senator Moi was accompanied by a group of Kanu leaders during the visit.

In pictures, the Senator met with the widow s Edith Matiba who was surrounded by other family members.


In conversations with members of the Matiba family, the Senator indicated that former president Daniel Moi endorsed the visit.

“Mzee called me six times today, asking me if I have arrived at your home. Please, he will call to confirm…” Senator Moi told the family.

“Moi used to come here , at times without security to say hi to my husband,” Mrs Edith Matiba told him.

“Our children are good friends and we shall continue to strengthen the bond.”


Mr Matiba was a political prisoner during former President Daniel Moi’s brutal Kanu regime and suffered a stroke while at Kamiti Maximum Prison where he was held without trial. He was later released.

He died on April 15 aged 85 years while receiving treatment at the Karen Hospital.


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