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Moi sold same plot twice, papers show

Retired President Daniel arap Moi appears to have sold a piece of land in a posh Nairobi suburb to two different buyers, according to records provided by United States International University-Africa.

He first transferred the property in Muthaiga North estate to DPS International Limited on November 10, 1988, while he was still President.

Last year, he reported the title deed was lost and the land file was missing. He applied for and was issued with a fresh title deed. Three weeks ago, he used the fresh title deed to sell the land to a developer for Sh500 million.

His application for the land file to be reconstructed was announced by Nairobi Land Registrar W. M. Muigai in Kenya Gazette Notice No. 236 of January 16, 2015.

USIU-A is accusing Dr George Kiongera of grabbing its land.

On Wedneday, the university community, including Chancellor Manu Chandaria and Vice-Chancellor Paul Tiyambe Zeleza held a demonstration on Thika Road to demand that action be taken against Dr Kiongera.

However, the Kenyan who lives in the US provided documents to show that he bought the land from Mr Moi.

Mr Moi’s spokesman, Mr Lee Njiru, neither did not answer or return Daily Nation’s calls.

Other parties mentioned in the transaction, such as Kanu secretary-general Nick Salat, who normally speaks for the former President’s son and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, also did not answer calls.

The disputed land was ringed with men armed with rungus, slashers, machetes and sticks.

Details of how the 40-acre prime property near the affluent suburb of Muthaiga changed hands from Joreth Limited to Mr Moi on March 30, 1982, and ended up with Dr Kiongera is a complex but fascinating story.

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SOURCE: Daily Nation