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Moji Shortbaba regrets toxic masculinity in heartbreaking message to late mum

By Winnie Mabel February 1st, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan gospel musician, Moji Short baba, born James Muhia, bemoaned toxic masculinity that prevented men from expressing their feelings when it really mattered.

The Oxford Dictionary defines toxic masculinity as “a set of attitudes and ways of behaving stereotypically associated with or expected of men, regarded as having a negative impact on men and on society as a whole.”

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Moji revealed this during an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, where he was asked what he would say to his late mother, Waithera Muhia, if he had a second chance to do so.

“Wow. I think I’d tell her I love her. I don’t think I said it enough because I know toxic masculinity prevents us from telling people you love them all the time, especially to family.

When was the last time you told your family? Maybe, ladies, you do, but when was the last time like your brother just came in and told you guys, ‘You know I love you guys’ Do you ever hear that enough?

Or your uncles? We never say it enough, and I think tons of stories because me and she were friends that I would tell her, but I would make it clear that ‘You know what? I love you’ said Moji Shortbaba.

The late Waithera Muhia passed away on January 2, 2014, just as he was about to surprise her with a big check he had received for a gig.

The family had been through some tough times, and Moji was hoping to make his mother’s day but never got the opportunity to do so. Their grandmother took over parental responsibility for Moji and his two siblings.

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On January 2, 2023, Moji penned another message on the anniversary of his mother’s passing, saying, “Muhia wa Waithera! Most of my relatives used to call me that when I was younger. Losing my mum (Waithera) was one of the hardest experiences I have gone through as a person and to be honest it’s been 10 years since She left us and I can’t say I have ever gotten over it.”

He added, “I think over time it’s become bearable but losing your mum never gets easy.”

As time passed, Moji and his family took their mother’s absence one day at a time and he now speaks fondly of his family- both nuclear and his in-laws.

Moji said they were all a playful bunch who loved jokes. He said if the family got together, it guaranteed that people would have a good time.

“There are families that look like they have gone for a conference or a briefing but for us, when we meet, for sure we’re going to have funny stories and people will be laughing,” said Moji Shortbaba.

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