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Moji Short Baba : Why I’m scandal free in the gospel industry

By Sinda Matiko September 27th, 2023 2 min read

Singer Moji Short Baba says he has perfected the art of avoiding scrutiny in the Kenyan gospel industry which he describes as being very volatile.

Volatile in the sense that, the backlash is always crazy on gospel artists whenever they trip even a little.
To avoid getting caught in such situations, Moji says he has worked on his discipline which keeps him away from scrutiny.

“The backlash and scrutiny is always expected. One who is always praised whenever he/she trips, it becomes a disaster. That why in my case, you will never find me pointing fingers or criticizing. I too have my short comings its only God who is protecting me from getting caught up in the mayhem,” Short Baba says.

Other than protecting his back by avoiding criticizing others, Moji is also very careful with his moves.
“To avoid awkward situations, understanding that I’m a gospel artiste, I make sure I am never in the wrong places, always mindful of the people I associate with, I don’t speak or give opinions on certain matters just because they are trending. In short, I ensure I stay on my lane”
Moji says these are very simple tricks to live by and it’s the reason he has never been caught up in some awkward situation.
“They are simple guidelines but hard to live with because naturally as human beings we want to be give opinion on everything. That self-constrain isn’t easy because you have to keep reminding yourself.

However, if you perfect that, it will save you a lot of trouble rather than trying to prove a point”

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