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Mombasa-based actor Dan Sonko reveals his Christmas plans

Mombasa-based actor Dan Sonko has opened up about his heartfelt Christmas plans, highlighting his intention to focus on family and giving back to his loved ones during the festive season.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the father of two reflected on the challenges of the past year and expressed gratitude for the journey he and his family have undertaken.

Sonko emphasized the significance of spending quality time with his family and dedicating efforts to enhance the lives of his parents.

“I am focusing on what I believe matters most, which is family. It has been a tough year, but we are glad for how far we have come. So just spending time with family, giving back to my family,” shared Dan Sonko.

Acknowledging that sometimes people overlook certain aspects, he revealed his plans to attend to the often neglected needs of his family members.

“You know sometimes, we overlook some things. You visit your mum and find out if her mattress is good and get her a new one. Those things that we less take into consideration are what I have decided to do this Christmas.”

Sonko’s Christmas celebration revolves around cherishing moments with his son, dad, mum, and siblings.

He said his focus is on appreciating God and expressing gratitude for life and the blessings they have received.

“My year has been full of trials and tests, but we thank God for this far…”

Looking ahead to 2024, Dan Sonko revealed that he has adopted a new perspective on planning.

After the challenges of 2023, he has chosen to embrace the present moment rather than making extensive plans for the future.

“No plans after everything that has happened in 2023. I decided not to plan but hope for the best because there are a lot of things that I may have planned but things just did not fall through. So I have learned to live in the moment rather than planning ahead. I can plan for the short term, like one month ahead, and mostly about my kids, ensuring that they are all doing well, and also check on where I want to be. I am taking a step after the other,” shared Dan Sonko.