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Mombasa club where revellers are nurtured spiritually on Sunday

Samba Arena, a popular drinking spot in Bamburi, Mombasa County, has gained attention for its unique approach to customer service.

Every Sunday, the DJ doubles as a preacher, delivering the word of God to the inebriated patrons.

Amidst gospel songs ranging from Catholic to Protestant tunes, the DJ urges his audience to be responsible to their families, warning against excessive spending and neglecting loved ones.

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A preacher is usually on hand to urge the intoxicated patrons to walk the straight and narrow path, as they enjoy life, they should not empty their pockets in bars and forget their families.

“Some life problems are self generated. You cannot be in a bar and spend Sh40, 000, buy someone you do not know alcohol.

We remind you that you should not forget your family, ensure your parents are okay and your children go to school. Alcohol is luxury,” said the inhouse DJ cum preacher.

Despite being an informal setting, many patrons feel nourished spiritually by the preaching and praise songs.

Some even claim that the combination of alcohol and spirituality helps them forget life challenges.

While not a substitute for formal religious institutions, Samba Arena serves as a haven for those seeking a break from the norm. However, the club is not a formal church.

It is a home to those starved of God’s word, where songs of praises start playing at 6 am on Sunday.

The exposé was been brought to the public limelight by NTV, Nation Media Group-owned television station.

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The DJ was featured spinning songs and delivering God’s word to his not-so-sober congregants.

“Wewe ndiye muumba wa mitume wote, (God you are the creator of every soul),” he is heard nourishing his ‘congregants’.

According to the partygoers, the approach by the club to provide spiritual nurturing while at the same time taking alcohol makes them feel alive.

Others claim that Lord’s word and alcohol help them forget life challenges.

“Sometimes you need to be in a place alone…I came here to get a bottle or two, so that when I go back home, I will be relieved of stress,” a reveller stated.

Some say, that going to church does not mean one is saved or born again.

Salvation is a personal decision and can be redeemed anywhere, including an entertainment joint, club or in a bar.

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