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Mombasa MP sued over children custody, child molestation

An MP from Coast has been dragged to court by his estranged wife for allegedly refusing to pay school fees to their children at an international school as well as failing to protect them from sexual harassment from a male relative.

The former wife wants custody of all their children not only because of their failed marriage and the stalemate over fees payment but also the fact that a male relative of the legislator has allegedly been sexually harassing one of their daughters inside their father’s house.

“(Redacted) has shown clearly that he does not act in the best interest of the minors, he was not able to protect the minor and has locked up the other child who is at risk of facing similar sexual harassment just like her twin, it is in the best interest and welfare of the minors herein that my request is granted,” she said.

The Nairobi News cannot name the parties involved for legal reasons.

The ex-wife, who had been married to the legislator for 27 years, has also faulted him of refusing to clear school fees at Braeside High School, which is located in Nairobi’s Lavington estate.


According to her, she separated with the MP in 2005 and relocated to Nairobi from Mombasa where she catered for all the needs of their four children who opted to live with her.

In 2014, the couple agreed to have the children move to Mombasa in order to bond with their father.

However, in the course of the stay, a male relative to the MP allegedly started sexually harassing one of the children by touching her private parts and recording it on video. He would also peep through her bedroom.

The minor reported the matter to the father who, according to the mother, had the relative punished as well as taken to counselling.

The issue, however, did not stop and forced the minor to run away from her father’s residence in December 2016 and returned to her mother.

Her twin sister was then locked up in their father’s residence while being closely monitored so that she does not flee as well.


In her case documents, the woman has attached a letter dated January 30 where she had written to the MP seeking custody of all their children and asked him to comply with paying their fees as per the school structure as well as timeline.

But the MP claims that all their children live in the same house in Mombasa, attend the same school and insists that he has been providing for them adequately.

He also denies knowledge of the sexual harassment claims on her young girl or any mistreatment towards their children.

He also claims that his wife had filed an initial suit on the custody of the children but they had together agreed to have it withdrawn from the corridors of justice.

Besides custody and school fees, the estranged wife wants the court to have the legislator compelled to provide monies for upkeep of the children in terms of utilities, food, house help and entertainment at a cost of at least Sh 300,000 per child.

She also wants him to settle the legal costs of the suit which she filed on February and will be coming up on May 25 for hearing.