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Mombasa removes germy barrier after social media complaints

Mombasa government on Wednesday removed a metal barrier at Masjid Konzi in Mvita Sub-County, which posed a health hazard in the face of coronavirus pandemic.

The action to bring down the barrier along Digo Road came after a video went viral where residents were seen holding onto it as they passed.

“The (Transport, Infrastructure & Public Works) Department took charge of the situation immediately upon receiving a report from a concerned citizen.  We continue working together with other departments in ensuring that the spread of Coronavirus is minimized and eventually contained. We urge members of the public to report to us any issue that risks the spread of the virus so that it can be addressed accordingly,” read a tweet on the County page.

However, netizens did not all appreciate the work done as some of them called for the complete removal of the stump while others claimed that the mosque was on a road reserve.

Major P E van@Meja1084 said: “The Mosque is clearly on a road reserve … The part that sits on the pave way should be demolished.”

Benito@ngosas said: “You are really trying hard.”

OKARI ANGWENYI™@angweny went on: “This is how governments should respond to people’s concerns and not by killing and torturing human rights activists.”

CasperLohxPedro@Petercasper424 posed: “Why not cut it from down… From the ground.”

Jamal Mohamed@jamalomar427 added: “Imepewa lighter duties za kutega watu na kurarua trouser na buibui.”

Wan Gin Vincent@vincent_omon wondered: “Soo watashika wapi wakiruka hio chuma imebaki hapo.”