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Mombasa UDA’s woes deepen as Hassan Omar takes a swipe at ‘petty’ Mohammed Ali

Earlier this week, East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) lawmaker Hassan Sarai Omar Hassan had no words to mince for his fellow United Democratic Alliance party member, Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali, when he branded the youthful politician as one who is fully of pettiness and dramatics in seeking attention.

Speaking in Kizingo, Mvita Sub County, Mombasa County where he had been meeting with Persons Living with Disabilities during a UDA drive to empower the minority group and realize their rights, Hassan Omar singled Mohammed Ali as a propagandist who had no political muscle against him. Mohammed Ali and Hassan Omar are both gunning for the Mombasa County gubernatorial seat in the 2027 General Election.

“I have politicked in Mombasa’s politics. My first opponent was the late Kajembe and Najib Balala. It was like playing in the Premier League. We went up against each other intelligently and later, when we met, we would greet each other. I then went up against Joho, there was no hate but the childishness that is around right now, I’ve never seen such pettiness that is in politics like right now and that shows the intelligence levels of a person.

A lot of dramatics and mudslinging, mentioning my name in many things. Fitina bin fitina. It’s not that we are tired with fikna. In this city, everyday we are politicking at high levels but for others- if you look at Nyali, everyday he was claiming there were plans to kill him, someone shot at him, someone shot up his house. Fitina juu ya fitina juu ya fitina. When you say something, you are told to remove documents. What documents? People are smart. You will give those audios and documents but there is nothing in them.

What was your reason for recording? Why don’t you say your intention was to take the boss to the International Criminal Court and me before a Committee. Stupidity of the highest order. You should stop all this stupidity. We know everything you have done involving the Constituency Development Fund, the people you have scammed…but why? Live with your children, move on with your life. Let Ali speak and you respond. If intelligence is measured by the amount of hair on your head, let Ali go to university and we see how his bald head and kinky gelled hair will make any difference.

Let us go slowly. The Kisauni MP truthfully said that this (Mombasa) is not a gold mine for someone to come and mine and leave. He (Ali) told us many things including people living in hotels. Sonko branded him a person full of drama. Let us speak the truth. You insult people everyday. Everyday you are a person full of propaganda. You have mudsling people’s names for years with those programs (Mohammed Ali’s Jicho Pevu investigative series while he was a journalist) of yours that achieved nothing. Did you ever hear that anyone was taken to court because of that program? Was anyone judged and jailed? It was all dramatics.

He filmed his program, it ended, Ruto is the President and he insulted him. He claimed Abu sells drugs and so forth because he is used to rumors. The other day, Ali Mbogo said his piece, EACC.. why does he want to eliminate everyone who says something. Hassan Sarai, that I’m the one who goes to Ruto to get money. You are always on people’s cases. You will face the consequences one day,” said Hassan Omar.

The beef between Mohammed Ali and Hassan Omar dates back to circa April 2023 when Omar began UDA grassroot strengthening activities and rewarding party loyalists. In June 2023, Mohammed Ali accused Hassan Omar of bungling UDA’s 2022 gubernatorial campaigns in Mombasa County, causing ODM’s Abdulswammad Nassir to clinch the seat as Omar trailed in second place despite heavy financial and political support.

Mohammed Ali also accused Hassan Omar of using campaign funds to fund his personal projects and to award UDA election losers.

“I brought him to UDA but he is misusing his position. We will teach him a lesson. The President respects people, he has not told him to use his position to intimidate people,” Mohammed Ali said of Hassan Omar.

UDA has been working on bringing Mohammed Ali and Hassan Omar together but it would appear their efforts continue to be fruitless.

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