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Money Heist-themed dowry ceremony splits opinions online – PHOTOS

By Chad Kitundu November 12th, 2020 1 min read

Photos of a ruracio (dowry payment) ceremony that went down in Kericho County recently has excited Kenyans on social media and elicited varied opinions.

In line with the popular Spanish crime drama TV series created by Álex Pina, the unique ceremony mimicked the Money Heist theme.

In the ceremony, the bride-to-be and other women were covered from head to toe using shawls while their faces were concealed with Salvador Dalí masks famously used by actors in the show.

The groom had a daunting task of identifying his bride from the group of girls who he could not tell apart.

But the groom finally managed to identify his fiancée hence avoiding paying a fine for choosing the wrong woman.

In African traditions, especially here in Kenya, if a bride picks the wrong girl from the group assembled to confuse him, he will be forced to pay fine (in form of cash or a goat).

He will be repeatedly fined if he continuously picks the wrong girl until he gets it right.

The photos of the event went viral on social media after they were shared by one Dennis Santana on Facebook.

The use of facemasks resembling those worn by actors in the Emmy Award-winning show is what caught the attention of online users, whose opionions we divergent and diverse.