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Monitor your children during long holidays, parents advised

By KNA October 23rd, 2019 2 min read

Parents have been advised to monitor the movements of their children during the long school holiday to prevent them from indulging in social vices.

Kiharu Assistant County Commissioner Priscilla Kiluta said, during the long holidays, students are exposed to all sorts of social lives and if they were not well monitored they may fall victims of immorality.

In Murang’a, the ACC said some illegal gangs are out targeting to recruit school leavers to join their criminal groups.

Kiluta noted that gangs like Mungiki and Gaza are targeting young people especially those who have completed secondary education.

“We request parents to work with Interior administrators so as to save our children from indulging in various social vices. Some criminal gangs are reemerging and as the government fights the groups, I urge parents to be on the lookout so that children do not fall into tricks of criminals,” said the ACC at Kiangage Trading Centre.


Recently, residents of Murang’a have complained of reemergence of Mungiki, which is trying to take control of matatu stages. The government, on many occasions had issued stern warning that no member of the criminal gang will be spared.

Gaza group, mainly composed of young people, has been accused of terrorizing residents within Murang’a town. Kiluta observed that criminals selling bhang are also targeting school going children and need to be curtailed.

“School children need to be spared from tricks of criminals who want to use them in trafficking and abusing bhang. Parents should help us to nab the individuals selling bhang in their localities,” added the ACC.

Abuse of alcohol, she noted, had gone down following incessant crackdown championed by area chiefs and their assistants. “Chiefs from this division have helped to crackdown individuals selling alcohol out of stipulated times. Selling of illicit brews has also gone down,” she further noted.